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ROMANIA SVILUPPO s.r.l. is a company that was established for the development of the major multi-functional property project at the eastern entrance to the city of Turin.

The project partners decided to focus on this position to concentrate their shared visions for the development of major property projects.

The company is formed by Ceetrus – today a major Global Urban Player controlled by Auchan Group, moved by the aim of developing sustainable, smart, lively living spaces in order to brighten everyday life and at the same time offer services for citizens – and by Runca, a company formed by professionals with lengthy experience in the development of some of the most important commercial projects undertaken in Italy in the last twenty years.


L22 | Gruppo Lombardini
Studio Rolla


«Res» is a Latin term that has many meanings, including business, commerce, financial asset. It is also the acronym for Real Estate Strategist, our name: a reference to the foundations of the past, to better look to the future.

RES is a young, streamlined and dynamic consultancy firm, supported by CEETRUS, a leading player in the real estate sector at international level.

RES is 100% owned by Ceetrus Italy Spa, which is part of Ceetrus SA.